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All board members of study associations should receive equal encouragement and financial support from the University

All lectures should be available online, independently of COVID-19 cases or quarantine regulations.

Students wishing to take honors courses should be able to do so based on their motivation, regardless of their grades

More investment is needed in interdisciplinary education (providing students with more than just one perspective on a particular subject, such as honors, PPLE or IIS programs)

The university needs to be clearer about its plans regarding internationalization and needs to take the factor of increasing internationalization into account in all its policies

The UvA should support the mental health of students through investing in new initiatives and long-term uniform university-wide support

The Binding Study Advice (BSA) should be abolished

The number of international students in a council should be representative of the number of international students within a faculty, or the University (same for Dutch students)

Political diversity (including both left- and right-wing perspectives) should also be included in the diversity approach of the university

The University should provide its students more aid with housing

The Numerus Fixus (a limitation in the number of students admitted) may only be implemented when there is a capacity limitation

Programs can decide for themselves whether teaching in English will improve the quality of education

The UvA should address problems such as systemic overwork and bad working conditions among its teachers by giving out more permanent contracts

The UvA should make long term plans for study spaces and teaching facilities according to the expected growth in student population